A bit about Us Before Me

Hi there, and  welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by to read my blog! First off, let me introduce myself! My name is Acia Bradshaw. I just turned 27, the day after St Patrick’s Day. I am Bulgarian, born and raised until my family moved to Chicago in 1999. You will be seeing a lot of talk about my home, my family back in Bulgaria, and all the trips we take there every summer! It’s an amazing place! I have worked at the same daycare for almost 10 years, little humans are my calling. I am proud to say that I am back in school and going for my degree in ECE (early childhood education). I will also be writing a lot about what I am learning in school! We travel a lot as a family​, and something always happens! Rather it’s minutes away from missing our flights to the airline losing my brand new double stroller’s cupholder. I had a complete melt down at JFK.  Seriously it was bad! I will be blogging about some yoga stuff and sharing my diy’s and favorite recipes ​with you guys as well. 

Who is this hunk you ask??

He is the father of my babies, he is my best friend and husband! Totally serious! I am not making this up, we got married in 2013 and I was definitely there! (I have pictures to prove it). Besides being an amazing daddy and hubby, he is a model (totally hot, I know!). Together we have embarked on a journey together called being homeowners. We bought our little (and I am not kidding it was LITTLE) house back in the summer of 2014. It’s gone under major remodeling and we can almost see the finish line!!! It’s standing high and proud, seriously the thing is like a tiny skyscraper! He is working on it daily, with the help of my father and other family and friends. I will be blogging a ton about the house and updating you guys on everything that is going on! 

 February 01, 2013

Skylar was born and Tommy and I joined the parents club! This child is a blessing from God himself! He is just the most interesting child I have ever met. He is in his first year of preschool right now at our local CPS. I will definitely be blogging a bunch about my love-hate relationship with the CPS system. Being a momma to this little nugget definitely has its rough patches with behavior and discipline but it’s so rewarding watching him grow up into this fine little boy! He is honestly the sweetest boy and the most loving big brother. 

June 24, 2015

Iliana Elisabeth Marie came into our lives and forever changed and completed us. She is such an adventure! Being so young yet so independent already! We have entered the world of potty training and I will blogging about our success in that area! She is a total copycat of her older brother, and it’s THE cutest and funniest thing ever! I will be blogging a lot about just being a momma to a little girl. 


2 thoughts on “A bit about Us Before Me”

  1. OMG.. so excited reading this stories with the kids, you and Tommy. Love you as a cousin, like you as a mommy and adore you all as a family. Kisses to sky and lily

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