It’s done. 

It took only one short conversation about converting the crib into something I am not sure I was ready for. As busy as my husband is, I was hoping he wouldn’t put this at the top of his to-do list. But it took him about 30 minutes. As I walked around him nervously​ bitting my lips and debating in my head if this was the right choice… it was too late. Before I knew it we no longer had a crib, now we have a toddler bed. A “big kid” bed. Call it what you will, I think I’ll call it SCARY! 

Am I ready to let go of something that is so dear to me? To others, it might be just a bulky piece of furniture but to me it is more than that. I tell my kids all the time to stop growing! Maybe if I stop feeding them, they can stay little forever or if I find a magic spell that’s being sold on Etsy to shrink them back to baby size. I have to face the truth that I no longer have babies, I have big kids that sleep in big kid beds. I no longer have nurslings that cry at night, I have a big boy who is into sports, he can write his name and can’t walk passed the Victoria Secret store without giggling and saying “boobies”. All while my big girl has pig tails, painted toenails and the attitude of a teenager. Where did the time go? When did they grow up? How did this happen?

It’s bitter sweet. As exciting as it is to watch them grow, I wish I can keep them this tiny just for a bit longer.  


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