Dad is a pretty good Mom  

I’ll strat off by saying my husband is a great dad!  I truly, sincerely mean that. He really is. He gets the job done! 

He is definitely the “fun” parent and I am the strict “no you can not have a chocolate donut before dinner” parent. 

Wednesday and Thursday nights​ I have classes​. Night school is not much fun unless there is a coffee maker provided, in my case there is not. By the time I drive home it’s well pass the kids bed time.  

The first thing I do when I come home is put my stuff down, wash my hands and make my way up the stairs. Hoping to hear giggling and shushing in a dark room as they all hide under blankets and pillows. But all I come to find as I open the door quietly is my loves fast asleep. Skye sleeping on my side, on my pillow because he missed me and Daddy couldn’t bring him self to put him in his bed sad. While Iliana sleeping in her “big girl” bed because she is Miss Independent! 

The sight of them sleeping is the most precious thing I have ever seen. They are so calm and peaceful. Dreaming of whatever their little heads dream of. They smell like clean laundry, bubble gum toothpaste and coconutty shampoo.

Dad did good! Left over Lego pieces in the tub and drying pots and pans in the kitchen sink rack all evidence that the kiddos had a fun bath and home cooked meal. Only if I was able to tell how many spoons full of Nutella they’ve each had. But that’s alright, everyone deserves a treat. 

I make my rounds. Kiss every little forehead, kiss each tiny set of lips. Adjust the stuffed animal(s)​ of choice for the night. Pull the covers up and ask God to bless my babies. To take care of them and always guide them in the right direction. 

I love you, good night. 



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