Mud Anonymous

Mud! Dirt! Memories!

How fun, this was my favorite activity as a little girl. Growing up in Bulgaria, we played a lot with mud! I was never afraid of getting dirty. 

I am constantly looking for ideas and activities on Pinterest … So I looked up “mud fun” … I was in shock! Not only were there only a few pins on dirt and mud play, there was “homemade dirt” “diy mud” and “CLEAN​ mud”. I had a WTF moment! I mean seriously?!  No one is using real dirty to play with anymore? 

I remember spending my summers at Grandma’s​ with my brother and cousins.  We made mud pies and mud cakes. Got dirty up to our elbows. Stepped in it, threw it, drew faces in it. We loved it! 

We weren’t afraid of getting dirty!

Now, being a momma of a very active and smart 4 year old. I grew very curious of how he will react to a muddy mess? Would he love it or hate  it? Would he even consider playing in mud, since I am always reminding him not to get dirty. 

Easter Sunday, 80° outside, it was the perfect day to try. I got a giant mixing bowl from our kitchen, a few missing-lid tupperwear, big plastic spoon and a jug of water. We have a giant”mud circle” in my parents back yard from the pool. I dug up scoops of real  dirt and put it in the bowl. I poured some water. Here is the recipe in case you are wondering …

dirt + water = mud 

I stuck my hands in it and stared mixing it. While Skye watched me with a puzzled​  look on his face. He asked “mama what are you doing!?” I simply told him “playing in mud…” He asked “WHY.”  

I couldn’t help but laugh. 

I invited him to join me but he didn’t want to. He kept looking at me like I was crazy.  His face said it all…there was no way he will touch the mud. 

I left it alone, hoping he will want to at least try. 

He sat next to the bowl of fresh mud  and starting mixing it with the spoon. Every time he got a splat of mud on his hands he would run inside the house to wash it off. He was playing with the mud, in a clean way. That wasn’t fun!

I sat down with him again and stuck my hands in the mud, I scooped up a handful​and put it on his hands. He cried. I laughed. But after he got over the initial shock, he loved it!  It only took sometime, but he truly enjoyed his time playing in the mud. 

Job well done, mom! 

Everyone says that our kids will never have the childhood we had. But why not?  Turn off the iPad, turn off Netflix and the Xbox. Get outside. Let them explore, let them get a little dirty (or a lot). These are the memories they will cherish.  Expose them to nature and the simple things in life. They will love you for it, I promise! 


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