Love so BIG it has reached the world

Hand written love notes from all over the world. 💌

How amazing! Places we have never been to. Countries we only see on TV. People who are willing to write you a special love note for your special someone, that’s freaking amazing! 

I first came across this on Facebook. A picture that was shared on a wedding resale page I follow. This sweet woman was collecting notes from all 50 states for her fiance. She was going to create ​a giant collage and presented to her new husband on their wedding day.

 I mean come on!!! How disgustingly​ adorable is that! 

Instantly, I was in love with the idea and I had to start my own project! I tweaked it a bit and since Tommy already knows how much I love him (right babe?). I decided to start a project for our kids. Because we  are absolutely just so obsessed with them and love them beyond reason. It was perfect! It would be a love note to our babies. 

Our love note would say … 

“Skylar and Iliana, mom and dad love you so much it has reached …”

Now for the hard part. How do I ask people to write these notes for us? I started off small. I shared my request in my favorite mommy group on Facebook (BWB, I love you all). And within a few hours we had our first love note 💌. This person took me by surprise! It made this experience so much fun and exciting! Our first love note to the kids came from The Canary Islands, Spain. 

After, I had a different mommy reach out to me and she would ask her sister who lives in beautiful Bosnia Herzegovina to write us a note. She asked if I too can write a note for her from Chicago since she lives in Wisconsin. This was so exciting that other moms were starting to do this for their kids.  

A few days later we received our note from Bosina Herzegovina, that’s 4,920 miles away from the United States. 

So now that I had two countries, I was so pumped to get more! 

My cousin lives in Glasgow, Scotland. Of course he would make us a note. I asked him right away! Thank you Ceci, I love you 💞.

I asked everyone who I knew lived in a different state or country. We got a few from my home country Bulgaria (mersi Evi and Dari). A few from the states like Alaska (thanks to Raven) and Canada (thank you Megg). We got two notes from Australia (thanks to my amazing sister in law Elisabeth and thank you Rolando and Elexis)  

Then, I took my journey to Instagram . There, I shared our love notes and # a lot of different countries. Believe it or​ not I had amazing individuals reach out to me and write notes for us. We got Hawaii (Thank you Justin), London, Hong Kong, Switzerland (thank you Natasha), Belgium, Morocco, British Columbia. 

Here’s is a complete list of the places we have so far. 

  • The Canary Islands, Spain
  • Tennessee
  • Bosina Herzegovina
  • Wisconsin
  • London 
  • Hawaii
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Marrakech, Morocco
  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Bulgaria
  • Rabat, Morocco
  • Litchfield, Illinois
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Australia
  • Glasgow, Scotland
  • Smirnenski, Bulgaria​
  • Canada
  • Belgium
  • St.Gallen, Switzerland
  • Hong Kong 
  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • Mexico
  • Sidney, Australia
  • Naples, Florida
  • Cancun Riviera Maya
  • Vernan British Columbia

We are still collecting! If you happen to read this and like to write us a note, please do so! We would love it! You can get in contact by leaving a comment below or through email ( Thank you so much! 

I will be framing each picture we’ve received and I will make sure to do an updated blog later on. Thank you for reading! Please help us spread the word by sharing! 


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