Love so BIG it has reached the world

Hand written love notes from all over the world. đź’Ś How amazing! Places we have never been to. Countries we only see on TV. People who are willing to write you a special love note for your special someone, that's freaking amazing!  I first came across this on Facebook. A picture that was shared on a… Continue reading Love so BIG it has reached the world


Mud Anonymous

Mud! Dirt! Memories! How fun, this was my favorite activity as a little girl. Growing up in Bulgaria, we played a lot with mud! I was never afraid of getting dirty.  I am constantly looking for ideas and activities on Pinterest ... So I looked up "mud fun" ... I was in shock! Not only were there… Continue reading Mud Anonymous

Dad is a pretty good Mom  

I'll strat off by saying my husband is a great dad!  I truly, sincerely mean that. He really is. He gets the job done!  He is definitely the "fun" parent and I am the strict "no you can not have a chocolate donut before dinner" parent.  Wednesday and Thursday nights​ I have classes​. Night school… Continue reading Dad is a pretty good Mom  

 April Events under $10

April is here and it brought us a whole list of awesome and affordable activities for the little ones! Below I have put together a list for you to check out !  Saturday April 08  Family Festival Colors and Shapes. *FREE* Explore Brazilian artist HĂ©lio Oiticicia geometric paintings and interactive instillations. 10:30am-3:00pm @ Art Institute Chicago, 159… Continue reading  April Events under $10